The real difference, to me.

if her history has understood , and it has the SIR Bear a partner is unfortunately for me SIR!
all good!

nijntje & The Bear

I got a text today, well the Bear got a text because I don’t have a cell phone. What and where is going on with my oldest in regards to evening plans, that are up in the air.

I heard the sound, he has his own so we know it’s not ‘junk mail’ and just at the same moment the Bear was going out the door. Before I realized Bear was on His way out I asked, ‘so what’s up’?

I looked around, came out of the kitchen and realized the Bear was in the driveway ….

Before D/s and this new ‘dynamic’ I would have felt the need to go outside, check on the message and make sure all the things needing attention were taken care of …. before I would have felt the need to stop my evening R&R and get back ‘at it’.

Today, …. today I…

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